Pray for the
Team and Guests 

If you would like to contact us at the Elohim Great Banquet, please click the Link below.
Eastern Illinois / Western Indiana   Elohim Great Banquet Community
of the Wabash Valley 
Men & Women Weekends -  Events

         Day  Illinois Time  Events                        

     Thursday      6:30 pm   Guests Arrive
                  7:00 pm   Send Off  /  Sponsor’s Hour
     Saturday  8:00 pm   Apostolic Hour
                  9:00 pm   Candle Light
     Sunday    4:30 pm   Closing
                  6:00 pm   General Clean-Up

Here is a list of suggested Prayers for the Weekends.
Start Praying for the Team and Guests ... God knows them already !!!!!!!!
Events are  always  ILLINOIS times
Guest Reservations send to: 

Bill and Lori Rhoads 

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